Say... Who Is Uncle D?

Well for one, he's becoming known as 'The Canadian Ass Man'.

A guy who believes in Sex, Rock, Hop n' Roll. And of course girls in skin tight jeans.

Camera in hand, tattoo in arm, your favourite uncle brings you those 'in your face' videos of girls bending over in skin tight outfits, & those 3 magic words; Touch Your Toes.

You can expect random updates of stories, pictures, & descriptive happenings in a day with Uncle D.

Uncle D Back on U8TV Again - Nov 27, 2001

Well it looks like my expertise in the realm of the female booty was in need once again by the fine people at U8TV.
A show called 'Mail Box' focused this week's discussion on the glorious female butt & the art of anal sex.
And a conversation about butts just wouldn't be complete without 'input' from Uncle D - The Canadian Assman.
The show starts off with a cute little asian girl sticking her butt in the camera and I also get the 'Babe Of The Week' to give the camera a sample of her butt.

D style of course.
Booty samples from the membership are shown throughout the show as well as the 90 second intro trailer to the Samantha video.
To view the show, simply go to, click on the pull down window that says 'Missed A Show', choose the show 'Mail Box', and what connection speed you are using.
My appearance is about half way through the broadcast which you can move forward to.
The show will be available for download until Tuesday Dec 4, 11pm est.


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You work hard for your money, I work hard for your money.
That's a basic understanding all webmasters should have for the members of their site.

I thank you for you support & help to make what it is today, and what it's going to be tomorrow.
Hell, let's just make Uncle D a household name. Even if I have to start with the bathroom first.

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Uncle D Appears on U8TV - Oct 22, 2001

The appearance on Match Maker TV last weekend went over phenominally well.

Not only did I get to go on a blind date on national Canadian television, but I didn't even need any beverages to make the girl look hot.

Monday morning the phone rang and it was a producer from a tv show called The Lofters and U8TV which broadcasts the life of The Lofters via a live webcam 24 hours a day.

It seems word had gotten around and 'The Canadian Assman' was needed on another dating show called Spin The Bottle.

Never one to turn down a spinning bottle, The Lofters had their first encounter 'D' style.

Be sure to check back for future Uncle D photo shoots & thanks for your continued support.

Uncle D On The MatchMaker Dating Show - Oct 19, 2001

The pictures above are reason enough to see what happens on a date with 'Uncle D'.

And this video clip is reason enough why you should watch the tv show Match Maker on The Life Channel airing on national Canadian tv & satellite.

It was bound to happen. National television show Match Maker TV, which airs on The Life Network across Canada, gives their first show of the season a kick in the ass with Uncle D -'The Canadian Ass Man'.

The theme of the show is based around friend #1 setting up friend #2 on a blind date while friend #1 and the host of the show sit back with a few cold ones in a limo and critique the date.
Basically they 'cut it up'. But I think it's just the booze talking.

If you know anything about 'D' style then you know this date is in for a few unexpected pleasures. This is the blind date that starts off the season and it certainly gets a push in the right direction by having everyone's favourite Uncle D do the pushing.

Canadian ass man fans can check out the show on the Canadian air waves & satellite at the following times.
Keep in mind that these times are in Eastern Standard Time (Toronto/New York time). Those watching on the East Coast will need to add an hour, and those on the West Coast will need to subtract 3 hours.

The official schedule from The Life Network can be located here.

For your convenience I have uploaded the schedule for you as well.

Match Maker TV on The Life Network

Friday Oct 19th - 4:30pm est

Saturday Oct 20th - 3:30am - 12:30pm est (noon) - 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Sunday Oct 21 - 12:30am - 4:30am - 4:30pm

Be sure to check back for future Uncle D photo shoots & thanks for your continued support.

Uncle D meets a Killer Dwarf - Sep 5, 2001

Under a bridge or under a navel, it looks like a group of 'Killer Dwarfs' & their 'Reunion of Scribes' have come out of hiding.

Not since the hair days of the 80's have I seen so many rockers at one gathering except that everyone was a little older which actually made it a hell of a lot easier to separate the men from the women. And I say this from personal experience as you can see from the pic of Freaky Zeek and myself at an autograph signing with 'Alice Cooper' back in the mid 80's.

Cutting edge wouldn't be how I would describe a band like The Killer Dwarfs but there's no doubt in saying that they certainly haven't lost their edge. Ten years of separation only seemed to strengthen their live performance and keep the 'Spirit Alive'. Although I may suggest a good chiropractor if Russ, (lead vocals) keeps jumping around like a high school boy who just had his sweet heart bend over in his face for the first time.

Let it be known that the VIP treatment I received wouldn't have been possible without the help of AJ the DJ aka 'Al Joynes'.

Every city should have their own 'Kid Rock' who can also hook a tattooed bad ass up with an 'All Access Camera Pass' to one of the greatest hot spots in the city, The Docs Entertainment Complex.

Don't wait up 'ma' it's going to be a long night.

Bubble Butt Life Preserver - July 27th, 2001

All Photos In Members Area.

Five hours of driving time and I arrived at my destination. A weekend of cold beer, college babes, and white water rafting.

Ok the beer wasn't exactly cold & there was more like only one 'college babe'. Thankfully she had a great bubble butt & a skin tight jeans outfit that showed it off.

And as you can see from the crowd of guys around her butt, they seemed to like it as well.

We didn't have to worry about drowning with that bubble butt life preserver in our boat. But I think once we crawled onboard I'm not sure if we would want to be rescued.

As for the warm beer, it's amazing what a garbage can and a couple bags of ice can accomplish. Instant Canadian ice box.

After all, the boys in the pic & I are Canadian. We like our beer cold. And we like our women warm.

But from the look on the face of some of these guys, I think all they care about is if a girl has a heartbeat.

The rapids were pretty cool since it was my first time jumping razor sharp rocks in a rubber dingy with 9 other human buoies. When I first heard about white water rafting I assumed we would be tumbling down river for 30 minutes over white water rapids thinking we were all going to drown. Instead each rapid was more like a 30 second rush that left us with bruised knees like a 2am hooker outside your local donut shop. And

And we didn't even get a coffee. It just doesn't pay to get bruised knees these days.

Uncle D Talks Mojo - April 20, 2001
It's not only what you say, but where you say it. MoJo640 is an all new radio station for guys. Kind of like this website except in radio you 'hear' the ass.

The Canadian Ass Man is what radio listeners heard tonight when I called into the inaugural show of Dr. Date & had a 'one on one' conversation on love & the spring buzz with this seductress.

If this is just the begining of what MoJo640 has to offer for programming, you can count me in as a dedicated listener and I recommend you do the same.

Any radio station that has enough balls to let someone named Uncle D - The Canadian Ass Man on the air, has to be doing something right.

Feel free to email MoJo640 and tell them you're a supporter of Uncle D & think the new format of the station 'smacks ass'.

Uncle D comparing notes with Tommy Lee & bandmates, Motley Crue!
Uncle D chatting it up with Rob Zombie, the ex singer of the group White Zombie.
Uncle D pimpin with the WWF's GodFather! Maybe Uncle D can film the Ho Train sometime!
Good to the last drop, Tara from the rock band Joy Drop parties it up in Toronto Canada with Uncle D.
It can get a little cold in Toronto Canada during winter, so Tara from the rock band Joy Drop keeps warm Uncle D style.
Glam rock is back as Robyn Black hits Toronto, Canada with a pink hot groupy at his side. And no it's not Uncle D.
The bassist from Robyn Black & The Intergalactic Rock Stars learns a few hand tricks from Uncle D.
The brain's and height behind RAZOR magazine, C.V & Uncle D have a few cold ones at the RAZOR Christmas party.
Here's a pic of Uncle D feeling "Young And Restless" with TV Star, Nikki Newman! Uncle D gets to meet one of his childhood heroes! Check out a pic of Uncle D and Paul Stanley from KISS. Being Uncle D has a few perks when the Phantom Cheerleaders are in town promoting the team from the bottom up. If Nina Hartley sticks her neck out as far as her butt, Uncle D may end up being The Canadian 'Jugular'. Join Now
Porn star & legend of ass, Tiffany Mynx needed a firm grip in the members area.
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Porn Star Gina Lynn was in Toronto Canada at the sex convention promoting her new 'hook'. Carol Cox is the queen of the amateur adult world and is just as pleasing to the eye as she is too the camera. Here's a cool shot of Uncle D slowing it down a little bit with Canadian rockers, Rush
Looks like Nina Hartley couldn't resist her favourite Uncle D in the members area.
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Uncle D decided to stick his face in Nina Hartley's ass in the members area.
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